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STIHL garden shredders

Reuse and transform your garden scraps

In spring, the green space needs to get back into good shape and in autumn, some plants benefit from pruning. It is in these tasks that a STIHL Garden Shredder saves you time and labour. Because at the place where pruning is carried out, a lot of rubbish accumulates green space wasteSuch as twigs, branches or grass clippings. Unshredded grass clippings take up a lot of space in your green space and often far exceed the capacity of your rubbish bin. It’s not uncommon for the waste to be taken to a recycling centre, composting site or other collection point. Are you familiar enough with this issue?

Then it’s worth taking a look at our range of electric and petrol-powered biotriturators. With a powerful STIHL woody shredder, can reliably put the land back in order. Our bio-crushers for green spaces transform mountains of grass clippings into easy-to-handle plant waste.
The Chopped material offers you many advantages:

  • Shredding in the bio-shredder reduces the volume of your shavings by up to 75%, making it easier not only to dispose of them but also to process them further.
  • The shredded material can be used to cover the soil, as compost, to fertilise or to create humus.
  • Composted shredded material contains valuable nutrients and allows you to save on fertilisers.
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