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Battery-powered lawn mower

With STIHL’s battery-powered lawnmowers, you get powerful working machines that reveal all their strengths when used. As they do not require an electrical connection, they can also be used without restriction on large surfaces. the the battery drive makes the machines light, silent and compact, making them a perfect ally for the green space. All STIHL battery-powered lawnmowers have a lightweight, high-quality polymer housing. It is resistant to impacts, heat and UV radiation.
Whether you just want to look after your green space or mow large areas of public space: STIHL’s battery-powered lawnmowers, with different power levels, adapt to all individual needs. Battery-powered lawnmowers are available with the battery systems STIHL AK and AP. If you already have machines with batteries from the same battery system, you can also use these batteries in the STIHL battery-powered lawnmower.

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