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STIHL chainsaws

Maximum Quality for Private and Professional Users

STIHL chainsaws cut so well all over the world because they not only have the right power and size for every situation, but also the right drive. Our petrol models are equipped with a powerful but particularly economical engine, the STIHL 2-MIX. Combining exceptional pulling power and cutting capacity with a high level of working comfort, with petrol chainsaws – from the lightest basic model to the world’s most powerful standard chainsaw – all options are open. It doesn’t matter whether you want to look after your own land, cut formwork timber in your day-to-day business or fell, prune or cut trees to size.

Wireless power. Made by STIHL. In your green space or for professional use: STIHL battery-powered technology allows you to master every challenge while remaining relaxed. From beginners to professionals: With a wide range of battery-powered chainsaws, STIHL always has the right machine for everyone. With the powerful STIHL AK system, you have everything you need to overcome all the demanding tasks in medium and large green spaces. For professional use, there’s the STIHL AP system – with constant high power, the highest energy efficiency and the greatest ergonomics.

Electric chainsaws are always an option, both for private users and for gardeners and landscapers. With the quiet electric chainsaws, you can carry out heavier jobs such as cutting firewood, but also precise and artistic woodwork. Thanks to the emission-free drive, it can be used indoors without any problems.

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