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StivikPro – How to start a chainsaw

StivikPro – How to start a chainsaw

Today we’re bringing you a video tutorial on how to safely start a chainsaw, something our customers ask for a lot and our aim is to help you!

Remember that this video is a follow-up to the first tutorial on our channel, “Chain Assembly – Stihl Chainsaw”.

Everything you did in the first tutorial will be put into practice here.

The chainsaw must always be placed in an unobstructed and firm position, and it can be started on the ground or between the legs. The brake must always be applied at the initial start and the machine must be switched off in the zero position.
To start cutting, you also need to be prepared with PPE (Personal Protective Equipment):

Be prepared for any eventuality!

We hope this video has been useful, if you liked it, you can leave your like and check out this and other tutorial videos on our StivikPro’s YouTube channel.

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