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StivikPro – Stihl power cutter – Cutting tools and accessories

StivikPro – Stihl brushcutter – Cutting tools and accessories

StivikPro presents the diversas ferramentas and its protective accessories to equip Stihl brushcutters.

The important thing to remember from our tutorial is that you shouldn’t mix guards with tools that aren’t suitable for them. For this purpose the strong>he Stihl sets indicate which tool is intended for safeguarding, as well as indicating the direction of rotation of the tool by means of indicative figures on the tool.

Essentially we’re talking about 4 tools with different protective accessories:

  • Wire head
  • Universal 3-point bush cutting disc
  • Shredding blade
  • Saw disc(this is the least used tool on power cutters and is highly dangerous, requiring the operator to be trained in its use).

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