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StivikPro – Stihl Pruning Chainsaws

StivikPro – STIHL Pruning Chainsaws

It’s pruning season, so we’re taking this opportunity to explain the equipment that’s best for this activity.

First, we’ll talk about Motosserra STIHL MS 170, wrongly used for pruning, as this chainsaw is for ground work only and must never be used above waist level.

This type of chainsaw requires training in how to use it and StivikPro provides training of this level. See all our courses below:

On the other hand, we have two models of chainsaws for use in pruning. They are Motosserra de Poda STIHL MS 193 T, features a 30/35cm cutting guide and Motosserra de Poda STIHL MSA 161 T, with a 25cm cutting guide, a battery-operated machine that is easy to handle and requires no maintenance, just cleaning.

We hope this video has been useful, if you liked it, you can leave your like and check out this and other tutorial videos on StivikPro’s YouTube channel.


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