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Training Center

Training Center

The Training Center, is part of a business group with over twenty years’ experience in the trade and technical assistance of professional equipment for gardening and forestry.

given the lack of training on offer in this area, especially from the operator’s point of view, combined with the increase in the sale of professional machines (chainsaws, pruners, brushcutters, among others), which in parallel with their evolution, have led to greater demands and efficiency for both companies and equipment operators, we created STIVIKpro Training Center.

In January 2010, it was awarded the status of Accredited Training Entity by DGERT – General Directorate for Labor Relations and Employment, case no. 5151.

With the evolution of the market, in 2013 the business group began a process of strategic-commercial reorganization, which led to the merger of two of its companies:

  • STIVIK, Lda
  • LMF-Pro, Lda
Centro De Formação
Centro De Formação


As a result of this merger, Stivikpro,lda was born in 2015, obtaining its Certification as Training Entity in July 2015, certificate no. 1866/2015.

As a training organization, our Strategic Plan includes the qualification of the working population in the gardening and forestry sectors. Only through training,  we qualify people to carry out these professional activities. The acquisition and development of skills or competencies enables the adoption of behaviors:

  • Safety
  • Suitable for performance, and consequently
  • Personal and professional development

The training offer is exclusive to the area, we specialize in Green Spaces and we intend to keep it that way, so our thematic areas of intervention are:

  • Area 621 – Agricultural and animal production
  • Area 623 – Forestry and Hunting
  • Area 622 – Floriculture and Gardening
  • Area 862 – Safety and Hygiene at Work

StivikPro’s training facilities are located at the company’s headquarters in Terrugem – Sintra. The space has modern facilities and is equipped with a training room and support spaces. As a result of partnerships with a number of institutions in Sintra, Cascais, Lisbon and Mafra, we have a wide range of spaces for practical training. The Training Center is supported by the brand:STIHL

Training Center
Training Center

Other certifications

Training Entity Certified by Ministry of Agriculture and the Sea, in the area of Distribution, Sale and Application of Plant Protection Products.

Training Center

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Training for companies

StivikPro training courses are developed and adapted to the needs and objectives of each client.

The client has complete freedom to choose the date and time of the training. This gives us the opportunity to solve (or even completely avoid) organizational problems that may exist, and also facilitates legal compliance with regard to training for employees of medium and large companies.

If you would like to make use of the StivikPro training courses, you can get in touch using the following form!

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